Tuesday, 9 July 2013

And today, the best album ever recorded is...

Cheap Trick - In Color. (Epic, 1977)

What: second album by smart-arse power-pop rockers from Rockford, Illinois.

  • Perfect pop tunes played by a sort of semi hard rock band 
  • Tom Werman's production, the band thought too clean but were wrong; witness the leaked songs from the aborted Steve Albini re-recording if proof be needed
  • Anthemic rock which is never stupid, except on purpose
  • Rick Neilsen's guitar playing, so good he doesn't even bother to show off
  • Excellent 2 heartthrobs/2 dorks image & cover art
  • Trad rock album not immediately made irrelevant by punk
  • Chirpy love song ('I Want You to Want Me') that is equal parts cute/sweet/pervy
  • 'Southern Girls'
  • All the promise of their (pretty great) debut with none of their 80s blandness
  • One of those albums so right that bonus tracks seem like an unwelcome intrusion

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