Saturday, 27 July 2013

LIVE DEAD: Mayhem 1990

Please check out the new and (hopefully) improved version of this article here! (with sincere thanks to the anonymous person who helped with their comments on this version :)


  1. Great job, has to be one of the best writeups on Mayhem. A couple of things though:
    - "Messiah's unhinged performance on the original 1986 mini-album"; that would be Maniac. Messiah does "Witching Hour" on the album (lower register raspy voice), both are on "Pure Fucking Armageddon" and the rest is Maniac.
    - There are a lot mislabelled bootlegs from this era (actually usually Jessheim, Sarpsborg or one of the German ones) and I believe Gleisdorf is one of them.
    - On the Leipzig album it is Necrobutcher not Dead (" exasperation. His shouted 'Come on Leipzig!'..."; "...during which Dead exhorts the crowd to join them...") who is shouting to the crowd.

    1. Thanks! Yep, I should have known that about Maniac on 'Deathcrush', Messiah is listed as 'Iron Lungs: session" on the sleeve I believe.

      Didn't know it was Necrobutcher shouting though! I will revise accordingly :)

  2. I believe the Gleisdorf show is the same as Live In Zeitz. I don't think Mayhem ever went to Austria but they did do a show in Annaberg, Germany a day before Zeitz.